Here at All You Can Eat NYC we employ the finest food writers in the country. Or, at least, the most passionate eaters that Jesse knows. Meet our A-Team below, and drop us a line if you’d like to join the ranks!

Everyone here can be reached at: allyoucaneatnyc at gmail dot com

Jesse — Editor Yours Truly

Real Name: Jesse Post
Favorite: Ice Cream
Most Likely to Order: Filet Mignon
Weakness: Neapolitan Pizza
Guilty Pleasure: Tasti-D-Lite
Specialty: Shepherd’s Pie (vegetarian or otherwise)

Our humble editor likes to write mostly everything and talk about himself in the third person. Actually, he does both more out of necessity than choice. Find out more on our About page.

Just Jenna — Professional Sister

Real Name: Jenna Robinson
Favorite: Grapefruit
Most Likely to Order: Spicy Yudofu
Weakness: Gorgonzola cheese and any banana dessert
Guilty Pleasure: Gummy Bears or pie
Specialty: Grilled fancy fish

Not only is she a future archaeologist and airplane pilot (no joke) but she’ll always split ten things with you. Unless, of course, she’s in a mood.

Darcy — Right-Hand Woman

Real Name: Jen Darcy
Favorite: Macaroni and cheese
Most Likely to Order: That which makes her smile nostalgically
Weakness: Cheese plate
Guilty Pleasure: McDonald’s
Specialty: Blackened sirloin tips in gorgonzola cream sauce with spinach and roasted red peppers

Though Jen will rarely, if ever, actually post her feelings here, she deserves special mention as an esteemed All You Can Eat NYC compatriot and her tendency to call Jesse to talk about food when he should be working.

Saucy Kate — Dessert Enabler

Real Name: Kate Merena
Favorite: Macaroni and cheese
Most Likely to Order: Potato skins
Weakness: Brownies
Guilty Pleasure: Hot dogs
Specialty: Red velvet cake

Kate is not just an excellent writer and designer, but she posseses a special ability to make you understand that the best cure for what ails you is to pull out the flour, sugar, cocoa, and sprinkles and see what we can do.

Hannah — Afternoon Coffee Savior

Real Name: Hannah Gouldstone
Favorite: Deeply discounted wine
Most Likely to Order: Lobster
Weakness: Steak and cheese subs
Guilty Pleasure: McDonald’s
Specialty: Salmon

Hannah has several special and necessary traits she brings to “All You Can Eat NYC”: an ability to drink during lunch breaks, a nonchalance about the lateness of the hour when food is in front of her, and actual knowledge of how to use the digital camera.

CootieGirl — Cocktail Support Director

Real Name: Kelly Sipos
Favorite: Pizza
Most Likely to Order: Booze
Weakness: Dessert
Guilty Pleasure: TCBY swirl with crushed Heath Bar bits
Specialty: Full Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings

Kelly knows where the amazing pastries are, as well as the amazing martinis. If you ask nicely she’ll even show you her extensive photographic record of same.

Jack’s Girlfriend — Comedian

Real Name: Rachael Parenta
Favorite: Shrimp, calamari, lobster
Most Likely to Order: Nachos
Weakness: Chipwich
Guilty Pleasure: Forgetting to eat
Specialty: Strawberry daiquiris

Rachael will always meet with you for brunch and/or football and wings, regardless of how full or broke she is, because she can’t miss out on the fun. And those are important qualities for any stand-up comedian/budding food writer to have.