Thanks for stopping by! If you want to read reports on eating and restaurant hopping in the greatest food city in the world, you’ve come to the right place.

The Basics

  1. So what is this exactly?
    In some respects it’s a restaurant review blog, though traditional reviews will be hard to come by. When I use the word “reports” I mean the literary idea of “reportage” — journalism that recalls the spirit of a place and time, not just what happened.
  2. Hmm . . .
    Now don’t mistake that to mean I intend anything remotely literary. This is about eating after all, and what we all think about it.
  3. What we all think?
    Yeah. Each post is meant to be laboriously commented upon, if not to give the blog a strong community spirit, then to rescue it from total narcissism.
  4. How do I know if a restaurant is worth checking out?
    Since these aren’t exactly reviews there is no rating system. Anything mentioned here is highly recommended.
  5. Listen, I’ve got a date tonight. What’s the quickest way to cut through all this muckity and find the exact info I need?
    Excellent question.

    • You’ll find a convenient “Search” window to your right which will allow you to find all occurrences of a certain word in the reports (like “hamburger” or “flaming dessert”).
    • Each report is also carefully tagged with several sensible categories. You’ll find a category list to your right, and clicking on any of them (specific neighborhoods, boroughs, or type of cuisine) will call up every report so tagged.
    • Relevant contact info for each restaurant is found at the top of each post, including location, digits, and links to maps and official restaurant web sites.

    Oh, and another thing — you probably should have gotten those reservations squared away yesterday.

  6. Who are you anyway?
    Glad you asked!

The Editor

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that specifically qualifies me to be here any more than you, but that’s partly the point.

I’ve worked in journalism and publishing since I was 15. I’m of the quickly fading Old School of Writing that demands a good editor for every good writer. This careless publishing of my unedited rants is a trepidacious first for me. I hope it works out.

I helped run a small press joint for a little while. The first book we published was All You Can Eat London, a collection of reports on buffet culture in that particular city. My coauthor Fred Chao and I somewhat hopefully called it, “A literary buffet review.”

EisenbergsCounter1All You Can Eat London sold surprisingly well for something so slapdash and we realized that we had hit a large and untapped niche — people for whom food is an ecstatic centerpiece of their lives rather than an afterthought, and who like to acknowledge it as such. Of course, that niche may just be people who are hungry at ‘zine fairs. Who can ever know?

I’ve named this project in the spirit of that one.