All You Can Eat NYC took this week off to celebrate the best holiday of the year. I was going to leave this space blank, but on second thought, that would be a pretty conspicuous absence. Thanksgiving is the one nationally observed feast day we have in the U.S. and that makes it extra special and worthy of note. And since we’re in the business of noting these sorts of things, the crew prepared some food for thought for you on this grand holiday week. I hope you enjoy it despite our departure from strictly New York City environs.

First up is a little (well, maybe medium-sized) bit of journal muck that I wrote this week, reflecting on why I love this day so. Second is an oldie but goodie from Saucy Kate who loves dessert but especially loves it when made by mom. Her essay includes the highly valued recipe for the trifle she writes so eloquently about.

I know some of you may still be celebrating Thanksgiving, or wishing you were, so please dive in to these and post your own favorite Thanksgiving stories, from this or any other year.